Saturday, November 21, 2009

CBI Title Screen

I am working on the title screen for my CBI project in EDIT 484. I originally had the background as a light blue; however, once I started playing around with the color, the green seemed to make the border and the button pop. In my flowchart, I didn't have a title screen, but I think it's necessary to introduce the topic before choosing the menu options in the next frame. On Tuesday, I scanned a bar magnet at school with wonderful results. I was afraid the magnet might mess up the scanner. To my surprise the scanner was fine and I ended up with a high resolution photo to use in this project. I had thought about drawing the magnets in Flash, but the amount of work to do that across my frames would be enormous. Now I can do the animations with my bar magnet jpeg. It'll be so much easier now.

The border is just scaled down versions of the scanned bar magnet. Fitting all of the pieces together was relatively easy, however, lining up the top to the bottom took a little time. I think the results are what I expected. I like the direction of my project so far. Still, there is a lot of work left to be done. I can at least get a good head start this weekend.

I just realized I may have to make my project slightly bigger than it already is. I already changed the size to 800 x 600.

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