Sunday, April 18, 2010

EDIT 554 - Video Technology Class

Here is my set up for the 1st project. I bought a USB microphone from Guitar Center, so I could do some high quality recording, both voice and musical. I may need to dampen the materials around the microphone to get the sound I want for the narration. I have a screen so the p's won't pop in the condenser mic.

I tried using Audacity with this microphone with very poor results. During each talking part, i could hear what sounded like tape hiss. Once I started recording in Garageband, it went away completely. In addition, I can record multiple tracks and import them into iMovie without having to separate all my tracks out into iMovie.

There are three steps I want to do for this project. One, find and record a poem about clouds or nature. Two, I want to record an original composition to add an undertone to the narration. Three, I will add some short video and pictures of clouds that I have taken over the last 2 years.

Once I have all of those parts together, I can add the title screen. The video needs to be around 30 - 45 seconds in length. I am shooting for about 40 seconds of narration. The fade in and fade outs will add a second or two when I am finished.

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