Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Class - EDIT 435

I started a new class today called Computer Systems in Schools - EDIT 435. We have one project due by the end of the Quarter. There are several possibilities for my choice in projects. I could learn a new program and present that at the end of the quarter or I could try out a new piece of equipment like a digital camera or HD video camera. So many possibilities... My school needs grant money for technology since most money is not allocated for that purpose. I could work on a grant or two as my project.

One thing we did tonight was work with Google Docs. Though I had heard about it before, I was not aware of its capabilities. It's like having the Microsoft Office Suite for free. It would be a great way for kids to create projects at home or at the library and then send them to me. I think my colleagues at work would want to know about what Google Docs can do, too.

Instead of a book which usually costs $70 or more, we are subscribing to Smart Computing (www.smartcomputing.com) for a year at a meager price of $29. In these economic times, I am glad we don't have to buy a book. I need to finish the other books that I had started several months ago. Luckily, spring break is coming up, so I should have time to finish at least one of them before I begin reading the articles from Smart Computing.

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