Tuesday, April 28, 2009

iMovie '09 and iLife '09

I finally received my copy of iLife '09 and my Missing Manual for iMovie '09. First, I watched the tutorial to see what the new changes were going to be in this version. The tutorial makes it seems really easy though I struggled mightily without a manual with the last version. What I like about this project is the fact that I can sit down and take my time to learn it properly. I have a long term project of making a short movie to send family by Christmas time. This will allow me time to practice for several months before I embark on that journey.

I read the introduction which reaffirmed my desire to eventually buy a digital video camera with MiniDV tapes. They just haven't made a digital video camera with enough memory that isn't outrageously expensive. Nevertheless, I will eventually buy one of the newer cameras with a hard drive when two things happen: they can shoot in HD with enough space and the price falls significantly.

Tonight, I am going to read Part 1 on editing in iMovie. The first chapter covers importing video. Tomorrow, I plan on borrowing the school's camera to shoot some footage that I will use to import. I am going to start with some practice footage before I shoot the footage I will use for the presentation in June. I might even re-edit a project i did for my last class, since I was not sure what I was doing at the time.

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