Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marathon Project

I decided the other day what I was going to film for my EDIT 435 project. I am going to create my project around my running the LA Marathon on May 25, 2009. My wife is going to film me preparing for the race, the minutes before the start, the successful run through the finish line. The start and finish lines are near to each other in downtown. I will be running for 4 and 1/2 hours with a disposable camera so I can take pictures of the race and myself. With the raw footage and the camera stills, I am going to edit a short movie on iMovie '09. I am going to use as many of the functions of the program during my edits. It will allow me to practice using the program, of which I am not that familiar.

I would like to do it "24" style with the beeping times for each mile. I will do a shorter version for the project because I don't want to bore everyone with a 15 minute video of my running the race. later I can do a longer version for my family who are interested in what I do.

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